Ready to achieve a straighter, more confident smile?

Let us help you with our comprehensive orthodontic services, including traditional braces. Our experienced orthodontist will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique dental needs and goals. With state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care, we make the process of getting braces as comfortable and stress-free as possible. So why wait? Schedule your appointment with us today and start your journey to a beautiful, healthy smile!

Although there may be alternative methods to straighten your teeth, traditional braces stand out by offering a highly effective solution. Regardless of your age or stage in life, you’ll appreciate the transformative effects that braces can have on your smile and self-esteem.

Braces use a tried-and-true approach to straighten teeth by attaching metal brackets to your teeth, connected by wires and rubber bands. The brackets and wires apply gentle pressure to gradually shift your teeth into place over time. Although this method is not as discreet as Invisalign, the results are highly effective, and the braces are highly customizable to meet your specific orthodontic needs.

During your treatment, Dr. Duckling will regularly adjust your braces and change the wires to ensure that your teeth are gradually moving in the desired direction. Depending on the severity of your case, you may need to wear braces for a few months to a few years. But when the braces are removed, you will have a beautifully straight and aligned smile that will make a significant impact on your confidence and self-image.

Treatable Cases

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